How to Overcome Beliefs that Sabotage High Performance Part I

We make choices every moment of our lives.  Each day we wake with the ability to choose how we approach the day.  We can choose inspiration, frustration, excitement, boredom, anything at all. These attitudes and their corresponding beliefs drive our behavior and performance. Poor attitudes generally create poor performance. High performance is typically grounded in a very strong, positive inner mental framework. So, how can you consistently live from positive beliefs and attitudes?

It begins with self awareness. There is a very clear connection between awareness and how you behave. The way you are on the inside influences what you say and do. Simply put, your behavior is a combination of your inner hard wiring, your personality, and the choices you make.

Self-awareness comes from cultivating the ability to pay attention to what is happening internally and externally and being “fully present in the moment.” The more aware you are of your inner world, the likelier you are to make choices in alignment with your highest personal values and aspirations.

It’s very similar to the importance of physical balance for athletes. Balance creates a strong foundation and enables flexibility, focus, and the generation of incredible power. In the same way, developing the skill of paying attention to one’s inner and outer worlds actually elicits inner balance, focus, and increased self-awareness. This heightened self-awareness is the foundation of what I call Conscious Living.

Conscious Living is an approach to life that helps you maximize your ability to accomplish business goals, build strong, trusting relationships, and increase your personal and job fulfillment. It does this through methodology that enables you to examine your own attitudes, values, and beliefs and develops your ability to choose highly effective approaches to communicating with integrity, building accountability, and solving difficult issues with creativity and consensus.

Part II of this article is about the driving force behind our behavior: our mindset.  A mindset is the lense through which we view the world, comprised of our values, attitudes and beliefs.

About Don Johnson

Don Johnson, the Founder and President of the Integria Group, LLC, has over 25 years of experience in business management, leadership, sales and consulting in the performance improvement industry. He founded the Integria Group after being a Principal Consultant with Axialent. He has worked extensively with executives at Google, YouTube, Yahoo! AXA USA, Crowe Horwath, The Jamaican Ministry of Defense, The United States Federal Court System and Allinial Global helping them develop their leadership skills and their business effectiveness. Don was formerly the US Director of Sales for Insights for 5 years helping lead the business to record growth and also worked at Achieve Global, a leading international training and consulting firm, holding many positions, including Regional Director and later Regional Vice President. For five years, he managed a 30-person, $15 million business unit, leading his organization through the post-merger integration of three consulting companies. After completing his undergraduate degree from Ohio Wesleyan University in English Literature, Don started his career at Élan Vital, an international non-profit organization that promotes the work of Prem Rawat. A member of the Élan Vital management team from a young age, Don was appointed President of the corporation in 1980 and held the position for four years. He is a competitive tennis player, plays guitar and writes and records music. He lives in Tayport, Scotland, a small village on the North Sea.
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  1. Jean Thomson says:

    Hi Don,

    You are an excellent writer. I enjoyed each of your articles and look forward to receiving more! Thanks for thinking of me 🙂


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